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Mindil Beach Sunset Market

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Our motto is to LIVE THE LIFESTYLE. We aim to give every visitor a taste of Darwin’s carefree, relaxed, and creative lifestyle, especially during the dry season when everyone comes out to play.

Darwin's Biggest & Best Market!

Mindil Beach Sunset Market is the heart of Darwin's cultural melting pot, epitomizing our city’s multicultural nature. Running along the foreshore of Mindil Beach, it’s famous for stunning sunsets over the Timor Sea.


Founded in 1987 by four visionaries, Mindil Beach Sunset Market brought a taste of Southeast Asia's night markets to Australia. From humble beginnings, it now hosts over 200 stalls featuring local and international cuisine, arts, crafts, and services. Operating from the last Thursday in April to the last Thursday in October, it is managed by the not-for-profit Mindil Beach Sunset Market Association (MBSMA),

A Site of Significance

Mindil Beach has significant cultural importance for the Larrakia people, with the name 'Mindil' deriving from the Larrakia word 'Min-deel' (sweet nut grass). Historically a popular site for camping, swimming, and socializing, it has evolved from a rest area for military personnel in WWII to a bustling caravan park in the 1960s, and later, an upscale beach-side accommodation area by 2008.

Mindil Today

Today, the Market is a vibrant hub with over 300 small businesses, employing more than 1000 locals and contributing over $15 million annually to the Northern Territory economy. It’s renowned for its lively atmosphere, featuring local and traveling musicians, street performers, dance groups, and buskers. Visitors can enjoy a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and tastes, all set against the backdrop of spectacular sunsets. Recognized as a national icon by the National Trust in 2000, the Market continues to attract visitors from around the world.

Come and experience the iconic Mindil Beach Sunset Market firsthand, and enjoy the unique blend of culture, cuisine and entertainment it offers.

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