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Performer Application Form

MBSMA Terms & Conditions for Performers:

  1. Applications will be approved by the Mindil Beach Sunset Market Association Inc Management. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted by phone or email.
  2. Any damages to MBSMA equipment will be deducted from performance fee.
  3. MBSMA does not provide or hire any sound or PA systems. It is the performer's responsibly to provide their own.
  4. Price quoted (must include sound equipment, GST) and agreed upon in booking form will be total fee paid.
  5. Invoice to be forwarded to Entertainment Coordinator ([email protected]) for processing. No cash payments are made on site. Payment will be made within 14 days after invoice has been received.
  6. Applicants aged under 16 years of age must provide parental/legal guardian consent. Please contact the office for this form.
  7. Cancellation may be made by operator within 24 hours of the performance (excluding cancellation for weather conditions which may be cancelled when deemed necessary).
  8. Strictly no swearing or profanities must be adhered to. All entertainment content must be appropriate for the family friendly nature of the Market.
  9. No smoking or pets are permitted at the Mindil Beach Sunset Markets.
  10. All entertainers must perform at a good standard of playing/performing. If not, entertainers may be asked to leave by Mindil Market staff or security.
  11. Buskers must have a permit issued on the day from the Information Booth and must only perform during Market hours. This permit must always be displayed whilst busking.
  12. Buskers must pay a permit fee of $10 per Market. If selling merchandise buskers must pay a fee of $5 in addition to their permit fee.
  13. The use of sound amplification or electronically amplified instruments will be allowed, but this use, including the level or volume of amplification, is at the absolute discretion of the MBSMA staff.
  14. Buskers must not obstruct or hinder the passage of pedestrians (including inconvenience caused by crowds attracted to the act), vehicles or prevent a stallholder from trading, as determined by the MBSMA staff.
  15. Buskers must abide by any instruction given by the MBSMA Operations team or by security officers. Any busker not abiding by those instructions will be asked to leave and will not be granted re-entry.
  16. Buskers must not be under the influence of intoxicating substances whilst performing. The Association reserves the right to withdraw a permit to busk if the busker presents a danger to themselves or the public.
  17. Performers and those with busking permits may place a receptacle on the ground for the receipt of public donations but must not harass or coerce for donations.
  18. As the Mindil Beach Sunset Market operates on Larrakia land under no circumstances is anyone permitted to peg anything into the ground. Please bring sandbags and/or rope if you require any equipment to be harnessed to the ground.
  19. When driving in the Mindil Market, hazard lights must always be on. There is 5km speed limit within the market area. This extends to both roads leading into and out of the market.
  20. Onsite vehicle access stops at 3.30pm sharp, you must arrive before then. No exceptions will be made regarding the gate opening and closing times. If you arrive past 3:30pm you will be requirement to carry your equipment in. You may not move your vehicle inside the market between 3:30pm–9:00pm (or until gates are opened by Mindil Operations Team).

MBSMA Performer Application

This may include providing:

  • Covid Safety Plan
  • Covid Vaccination Certificate

Dangerous goods include the use of substances that are flammable, toxic or hazardous and implements such as swords and knives. It includes substances that present an immediate danger to people property or environment and extends to instruments that may have been modified for safety but can still be perceived as dangerous.

If “YES”, please send a copy by email to [email protected].


I have read and understood the MBSMA Terms & Conditions for Performers and agree to abide by these standards. I agree to take full responsibility to ensure all performers of the named act/group thoroughly read and understand this agreement. I understand that should I, or anyone associated with me, fail to comply with the MBSMA Entertainment/ Busker Guidelines above, I will not be able to perform at Mindil Beach Sunset Market.

I acknowledge that in relation to all performers and buskers at Mindil Beach Sunset Market as defined in these guidelines, the decision of the MBSMA General Manager or delegated representative shall be final.

Please ensure that you have supplied all necessary information. Any applications not completed in full may not be accepted. Additional supporting material may sent by email to [email protected].

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