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Mamma's [email protected] is a food stall offering delicious, wholesome, homemade Italian food. Formerly trading as Pizza and Pasta at Mindil, Mamma's [email protected] has been fully transformed to mark the beginning of a new direction for this much loved Italian food stall. Upholding tradition, we offer a variety of iconic Italian food, including pizza, pasta, sauces and entrees (including vegetarian and gluten free options) using many third generation Italian family recipes, perfected for the modern day. Mamma's [email protected] is the culmination of my experience and vision in relation to Italian food, style and customer service.

Our food style emphasizes quality Italian food, using handpicked fresh, local produce, wherever possible. Customer satisfaction, food quality, perceived value and taste are essential to the stall's approach. Word of mouth from our valued customers has been unanimously positive in relation to our delivery of memorable and consistently tasty food.

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